Class Information

NEW prices January 2020 $140

Next session will be June 16th at 7 pm

With new social distancing protocol class size

is now limited to 7(3 spots available as of 5/6) 

**Will offer a daytime session if I get 5 or more to commit**

If you can do a daytime class on Monday at 10 am

please write it across the top of your paperwork. 


The Beginners class is by pre-registration only, limited to 7 dogs and handlers, on a first come basis.

You can drop the Registration Form by the building or in the mail with your check for $140 *new price change, effective with the February 18th session* to hold your spot.

(Checks are not deposited until class starts)

Please do not email your form. You can mail it or drop it in the drop box on my door.

To REGISTER FOR CLASS please download and mail the following Class Registration form:

Winter 2020 Class Schedule

New price is $100 per session effective Jan 1, 2020

**There is a wait list for all classes that are full. If you'd like to add your name please contact Pam**

Open Competition w/ Pam 1:30 pm **1 spot open**

Utility Competition w/ Pam 2:30 pm **1 spot open**

Novice Competition w/Pam 7:00 pm (2 spots available) 

Open Competition w/ Pam 8:00 pm FULL

Open Competition w/ Pam 1:00 pm FULL                                                                                                       

Novice Competition w/ Pam 2:00 pm FULL

                             NEW SESSIONS Cost is $140 


Next Beginners will start on 6/6/2020 (3 spots available as of 5/6)

Next CGC will start on 6/6/2020 (2 spots available) 


**If you can attend a daytime session, please make a note on your registration form.**

                                         Nose Work Classes


  Please contact Vicki D'Amico at

Open class w Pam 10:00 am  (1 spot open)                                                                                                  

Novice competition class with Pam at 11:00 am FULL

Nose Work class 6:00 pm                                                                                                                             Advanced Nose Work 7:30 pm

FRIDAY                                                                                                                                                                  Utility Competition with Pam 10:00 am FULL                                                                                                              

Utility Competition with Pam 11:00 am 2 spots available



Rally class with Laurie 1:00 pm


PRIVATE LESSONS and IN HOME TRAINING available M-F and occasionally on weekends.  Please email for an appointment! Private lesson fee $85 hr, In home fee $150 hr.